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Kayak Rental

One of the best ways to enjoy the Harstad archipelago is by exploring it in a kayak. Choose Risholmbukt for single and double kayak rental.
For those who love water activities, Harstad is a haven thanks to the numerous islands here. What better way to witness the mighty Norwegian sea than paddling through the archipelago on a kayak. If you're interested in this exciting sport, you can hire a kayak from Risholmbukt's kayak rental services. While solo travelers can rent a single kayak, those traveling with friends and family can opt for double kayaks. The supplier is based in Harstad and thus is well-acquainted with the paddling routes in the region. Feel free to get weather and wind-related advice from them before you set on a kayaking journey. To hire a kayak, guests must possess a wet card or have proven paddling experience. These will be examined before the kayaks are handed out. Along with the kayak, you will also get oars and vests. If you have less experience in kayaking, you can enrol for the supplier's introductory course while booking your kayak. They offer an equipment package at an additional charge for the same. It includes waterproof bags, a dry suit, a pair of shoes and gloves, and a hood.